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Can You Find These 9 Sneaky Cats?

Posted on August 04 2018

Any cat owner can tell you that cats are as playful as they are cute. They are always climbing, leaping and crawling into any box or bookshelf that they can get their paws into. Sometimes it can be quite a task just to keep up with all the trouble that your cat has gotten into throughout the day. So we have come up with a little challenge to see how talented you are at spotting some sneaky cats. How many can you find? The answers to each one are located in the link directly below the photo.


Do you see this cat that has decided to take a break in a woodpile?


 cat in a wood pile - Take Me To The Answers!


Or how about this one that has taken an interest in a toy house?


cat in toy house - Take Me To The Answers!


This cat has blended in well into its surroundings.


cat is hiding - Take Me To The Answers!


Take a look at the fence and see if you can see a peeking feline.


cat hiding behind fence - Take Me To The Answers!


The Christmas tree at this house had a catty ornament in it


cat in a christmas tree - Take Me To The Answers!


This cat should probably be bathed after he is done hiding in this photo.


cat in a garbage dump - Take Me To The Answers!


Don’t let this kitty sneak up on you when you are deciding what to wear!


cat in a closet - Take Me To The Answers!


Is the cat up in the tree? Or maybe sneaking behind the fence?


cat in a front yard - Take Me To The Answers!


One last cat to test your skills. How did you do?


 cat in a field - Take Me To The Answers!


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